Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Normally, I don't impulse buy--especially on large purchases (ok so I occasionally impulse buy clearance items at west elm, target, ikea...anyway....) but I had to check this out.

Meet the sactional. It is made by the creator of the "Love Sac" and I absolutely love the concept of what he titles "alternative furniture". You must visit the website to get the full effect...basically you can take an ottoman, sides, buy a bunch of them and make a couch -- how cool is that? I can buy a sectional couch by the piece?! What a novel idea!

I ordered 1 base and 1 side with the basic cover, they came via fed ex in a big box marked "Naked" :) and it really is easy to put together! Super comfortable too -- A+!

I'm really eye-ing this movie lounger setup...only 3 bases and 3 sides to go!

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Cicada Studio said...

Looks like I'd never be on two feet again.