Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Portion Size -- Getting Smaller Every Day...

Peekaboo Picks has a great article on portion control. Its the easiest and best way to lose weight and I have applied this method to my own eating the last couple of months and it works great (especially paired with lots of water and exercise).

Its very simple to follow, just cut in half what you would normally eat at home or at a restaurant and follow simple portion sizes in the peekaboo picks article (like a serving of pasta = ½ ounce of pasta --Cooked, this will be about one rounded handful.)...

I would also recommend the book "Fat Ass No More" by Kim Reinhart for further reading and study. It's a very simple to read book with a lot of common sense advice that will get your body and mind back on track!

photo courtesy of Peekaboo Picks

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