Saturday, March 15, 2008

online discounts that work...

Without the ability to use search engines, online forums and coupon sites, I would never be able to purchase as much as I do from the internet. Having a department store credit card is nice, but its not always fun keeping track of third party payment programs and potentially high late fees. Sometimes you need a last minute gift, or wish to order an item only available online...

Do your wallet a favor and check out these sites before you make your next purchase online!

A ton of discount opportunities just for having a VISA credit card:

Retail Me Not dot com* -- type in your store and use any of the submitted discount codes:
*sometimes on the above site, you have to try a few codes before one will work, the codes are user submitted so some may be bogus...but there are codes that do save you $$!

My Points -- Just click on e-mails and double your points when you shop! Easy service, I've been a member for a few years now and have fun getting gift cards for myself and friends!

The Switchboards -- "Wheels and Deals" forum -- now you can get the lastest deals from all of your favorite indie businesses.
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